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Did you know that your trash bin is a major breeding ground for bacteria and viruses? The collection of waste and grime also attracts unwanted pests. Unsanitized waste bins are a risk for:



Our latest, highly-effective, ultra-high-pressure, trash and recycle bin curbside cleaning system leaves your dirty bins disinfected and fresh.


About Our Service

As the only 100% self-contained bin cleaning system in Charleston, Clean Cans is environmentally friendly and efficient. Our innovative process does not use harmful chemicals. Instead, we use 190-degree water at very high pressure along with biodegradable cleaning products to remove 99.9% of bacteria. The inside and outside of your bins are cleaned, leaving you with peace of mind and sparkling clean and sanitized waste bins.

By using our service at least once a month or more, your waste and recycle bins will remain sanitary, keeping your family healthier. Our cleaning services are far more effective than manually cleaning your bins. Why risk contamination and the spread of germs to your home?

Affordable Options

Our eco-friendly solution kills up to 99% of germs in your waste and recycle bins using biodegradable cleaning products leaving a pleasant, natural scent.


  • One trash bin cleaned monthly
  • $10 per additional bin


  • Two trash bins cleaned monthly
  • $10 for each additional bin


  • Two trash bins cleaned bi-monthly
  • 6 times a year $168


  • Two trash bins cleaned quarterly
  • 4 times a year total $140


$55One Time
  • Up to 2 trash/recycle bins cleaned
  • $15 per additional bin

Save money and time by teaming up with Clean Cans! As members of the Charleston community, we care about our environment and our neighbors. This is why we have a passion and mission to provide our clients with gold standard, environmentally friendly, and innovative waste container cleaning services. Our service is enriched by maintaining the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty, and fairness. In addition to our outstanding service, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call today and get started on a cleaner, healthier home!

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Safe & Sanitary

Ultra-high-pressure water is heated to 200 degrees, killing 99% of germs and bacteria in seconds.

Affordable & Eco-Friendly

Biodegradable cleaners and our self-containing unit keeps harmful chemicals out of the environment. With monthly packages, you can save money and time.

Our Clients Talk Dirty About Us (And We Like It)

WOW…what a difference a cleaning makes!!!!!!! Thanks Katherine for stopping by my house today to clean my garbage can. I didn’t realize it was so dirty til I got home and saw how clean it had become. It’s like a “make-over” for your trash can! And, so reasonably priced. I’m going to be doing this often so my garage doesn’t smell anymore. GREAT JOB!
Teri Bernstein Lash

This is such a unique and much needed service. Who wants a nasty smelling garbage can inside their garage or a dirty recycling bin? Not me! I cannot believe how clean my garbage can was after Clean Cans was through with it….SPOTLESS and it actually smelled fresh! I will most definitely be using this service again and often!

Jennifer Redfern

This is such a brilliant idea! Katherine has found a winner in this business. Nothing is worse than the smell of a dirty trash can. Now we can get ours cleaned professionally AND regularly just by leaving it out on the street for a little while after the trash gets picked up. We don’t even have to be home which makes it really easy! If you have not used this service, I recommend you give it a try!

Sandy DeAntonio


Homeowner Associations, Municipalities, and schools please call for a custom quote.